Remember That Time I Almost Killed Myself?

This is my darkest story, unknown to all but a few people. My closest family does not know this story. I share it now with the world. Maybe it can help.

A Day That Borders On The Abyss

A day for with remembering things, not all of them good. Choose love over hate, peace over war, kindness over bitterness. Change the world.

There Are Enough Nights Under The Same Yellow Moon

Zelda Williams, daughter of the late Robin Williams, shared some thoughts on depression on her Instagram that I think are pretty amazing.

Hoist the Colors: A Personal Truth Revealed

Life creates a constant stream of noise. This is a story about how I kept the loud at bay for a few moments, and then what happened, and what I need to do now.

Looking for Adrian Hoppel Websites?

The new website for my gift economy web design business is up and running, and is located at I am going to reclaim this space right here for my personal blog, which I hope to get going again in fall of 2015.