Looking for Adrian Hoppel Websites?

The new website for my gift economy web design business is up and running, and is located at GiftEconomyWebsites.org. I am going to reclaim this space right here for my personal blog, which I hope to get going again in fall of 2015.

The Last Blog Post Ever from Adrian Hoppel Websites

One year ago today, things were very different for me: I was working alone and had completed just over two dozen websites in 2013, and I was preparing a blog post that would unexpectedly go viral across the globe. Before I knew what was happening, I was written up in Huffington Post, was interviewed on live TV, and was doing radio interviews on NPR and on podcasts around the globe. The result of all of this exposure was a massive influx of people with website projects asking me for help. To be perfectly honest: I did not do a very good job of handling this.

Go Mobile or Go Home

How does your website look on that device? If you don’t know, or you think it doesn’t matter, frankly, you need to open your eyes.

+Gift Economy: A New Hope [UPDATED]

A live-panel discussion with an amazing lineup of gift/sharing/sustainable business leaders. Free Stores, TimeBanks, Co-Working, Transition Movement, and more.

Reset the Net Day is June 5th – Your Chance to Do Something

On June 5th, a mass movement across the internet will take place to take back our privacy. Are you in?