+Gift Economy: A New Hope [UPDATED]

UPDATE: It was an amazing discussion. My only regret is that I failed to manage the recording aspect correction, in that the video stays on my face instead of going to whomever is talking. My apologies; rookie mistake.

There are lots of other people doing lots of other things to move us toward the new story, and the Gift Economy is just one part. Restore your hope by recognizing that this is a global movement toward alternate and sharing-based economies, and it is already underway. Establishing community ties with people who share the same goals as you is essential.

This will be our first live-panel discussion, and we will be covering things like Free Stores, TimeBanks, Co-Working, Transition Movement, and more. Scroll down to watch live on Friday, June 13th, at 0930 (GMT -4:00 / US Eastern Time), and leave a comment or question for the panelists. If you prefer, you can also join the event via Google+ and receive event reminders.

Panelists included:

David Anderson
Tech/Social Entrepreneur

Marie Goodwin
Founder of the Media FreeStore, Coordinator for TimeBank Media, Project Manager for Charles Eisenstein

Tom Morkes
Author, Publisher, and Startup Consultant, Pay What You Want economy

Stephanie Rearick
Project Coordinator, Time for the World

Jason Spencer
Co-Founder, TRIBE.LY

Beth Thorpe
Communications Chairperson for Louisville TimeBank

Chris Yates
Founder, The Hive Paonia


Adrian Nicholas (UPDATE: Adrian was attempting to connect from New Zealand but lost the battle to the middle of the night-ness of the time difference.)
Owner-Operator at Espresso Coffee School

Patricia Pearce (UPDATE: we lost Patricia’s connection at the last moment; bummer!)
Teacher, writer, coach and energy worker in the Gift Economy

Have a question or comment for the panelists? Leave it below and we’ll try to answer during the discussion!


  1. Greetings Adrian,

    First, thank you for what you’re doing. You inspired me and lit the beacon of hope in my soul when I first read the piece on the Huffington Post. My wife sent it to me knowing it was exactly what I needed. I instantly bought Charles’ book, Sacred Economics and went through the roof with excitement. I’m now in the process of implementing a Gift Economy structure to both the work I do with people as well as the prints they purchase afterwards as well as a way for people to make a gift for any nature photography image they would like to have printed or even a digital copy to do was they will.

    What I’m having difficulty with is setting something up where people can give a monetary gift if they choose, via an online process. Paypal has certain restrictions on ‘Donations’ and other methods seem like a lot of hoops to jump for a person. I want it to be easeful for everyone as well as a bit of fun.

    I post images on Facebook often and people ask for prints at times, some wanting a book of images. Would appreciate any information or to point me in a good direction for the next steps. I’m committed to doing business/life this way, inspired is an understatement at this point.

    Thanks and be well,


    Art Durand Photography
    Transformational Photography

  2. Amazing!! I wish I had been following this discussion sooner. My neurons are sparking LIKE CRAZY!!

    This panel really opened up for me so many other possibilities for me to participate in the Sharing/Gift Economy. I’m on fire.

    Thank you. So exciting. Thank you, Adrian, for convening this inspiring group of pioneers.

    All my grateful best, Aine

  3. Hi Adrian,
    Do you have a place on your website where you list possible gifts that you would be interested in receiving? I think that would be really helpful!

    • That’s a great idea, Chaya, and something we are working on; as it is, updates and changes to this website tend to be last priority, the “cobblers children have holes in their shoes” syndrome.